Friday, August 7, 2009

Passive, Inheritable Income- An example of someone who is dead but earning more than those who are still alive

This is Chan Poh Yoke. She past away in 1993. However before she died, she build a very successful business. Currently, she is not around anymore but her income still continue to flow.

Her Grave Yard.

Her income increase to $300,000++ per year in 1996, 3 years after she past away.

Her business grows with or without her present.

A Doctor achieves his lifestyle of his dreams

How can u be a part of a TRILLION dollar industry

How US$ 3 Million Looks like

A Doctor achieves his lifestyle of his dreams

"There can be MIRACLES when you believe."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Welder achieves his lifestyle of his dreams

"I must not quit without achieving my goals. Failure was not an option- achieving my dream was and will always be the only acceptable outcome. From then on, I realised the key to success lies in having utmost grit and determination" -Ricky Ng

How to convert expense into income

A street peddler achieves the lifestyle of his dream

From a street peddler to a successful business man.

A street peddler and an accounts clerk lacking in everything seemingly necessary to succeed, Charlie and Linda embraced the Amway Business Opportunity and turned their lives around – against all odds!

"From a street peddler who lived from hand to mouth, I have become a successful business owner. Besides financial security and absolute freedom, Kwee Choo and I have travelled half the world and met people who inspired us with their will to live and to strive for the best. Today, we lead a happy, healthy and blessed life." - Lee Kim Soon

$50,000 in debt to a Multi-Millionaire. How did he do it? Listen to the audio

1. From Victim To Victorious

2. Why 97% of people are DEAD or DEAD BROKE at the age of 65.